24/52 of 2014: Father’s Day edition.

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

James.  James is so wonderful.  He’s funny, kind, socially skilled, smart and imaginative.  He loves to play with Legos (especially Batman Legos), his dad, his brother, his Libby, in the sprinklers and with his cousins.  He is so teachable and reasonable, I feel like we lucked out in the toddler department.  He definitely has tantrums still but he is learning to take deep breathes and adjust his attitude and I know it could be so much worse.  I don’t think it could be that much better, though.  He is so full of life and love.

Charlie is always happy.  Until he’s not.  But most of the time he’s the happiest little guy ever.  He caught James’ stomach bug (we all did, actually) but we couldn’t tell if he was sick sick or just car sick or teething sick because he was smiling and laughing all through his puking.  He’s definitely sick sick, though.  He’s just a pleasant little sickie.  I’m pretty sure there was not a single. day. this. month. where someone in our little family wasn’t sick.  Am I doing something wrong or any of your families’ always sick, too?!  I sure do love my little sickies, though.  Charlie says “dad” and “dadadada” all the time, loves to buzz his lips, sits like a pro and army crawls like Rambo.  He loves any toy that isn’t actually a toy, and is quickly losing interest in real toys.


A few more shots of the boys with their dad:


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