22/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

As trying as James was last week, he is even more angelic this week.  Oh, my goodness, that boy owns me!  Right at the peak of his “I’m-turning-three-and-I’m-not-afraid-to-act-like-it”-ness I stumbled across an article by Dana Oberman about not giving attention to negative behavior as much as you give attention to positive behavior.  Of course I had heard this before and probably thought that I did it, even, but it hit me in a renewed way that day.  I immediately started praising James for the tiniest little positive thing he would do and before I knew it there weren’t any negative things to correct!  He has been more sweet and helpful and obedient and grown up than ever before and I feel like my heart might suffocate from loving him too much.  Of course I love him when he’s naughty, too, but I can feel it more deeply and easily when he coats life with sugar.  I have to record something funny he said the other day, too.  I was extra emotional for some reason and thought I was going to combust with anger when John broke a brand new shoe that I had purchased James that very morning.  I was literally fuming (probably) and honestly could not think straight.  Of course it wasn’t a big deal, but for one reason or another, it was the biggest deal of my life in that moment.  Then, out of nowhere, James comes up to me and states very plainly and maturely, “MOM.  YOU ARE FREAKING OUT.  YOU NEED TO GO TO A TIMEOUT.”  Ha!  And every night he tells me he will dream about me, and then in the morning he runs into me and yells, “I dreamed about you, Mommy!” Sheesh, I love him.


Charlie, my little dream boat.  You may think you have met happy, smiley babies before but I honestly cannot think of or imagine or dream of a happier, smilier baby than Charlie John.  It hurts, it’s so stinking cute.  Every second, a smile!  But not just any smile….he smiles with his whole entire face.  His eyes squint up and his chin tucks in and his mouth curls and stretches across his entire bottom half of his head.  He will make you feel like you are the most beautiful, special, angelic, wonderful human on earth when he smiles at you.  He’s sitting up and loving how big he feels, he’s drooling like a St. Bernard because he’s cooking up some more teeth, and he can wiggle and worm his way down the entire hallway.  Our little guy is growing fast, but each day is more fun than the next.  Oh, how I love my little Moose!

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