Spoil your spouse: JW graduation edition!

My honey is a graduate!  He’s younger than me (raaaaawwwwrrrr) and switched his major to one of the longest undergraduate degrees when he was already almost done with a business degree, so it feels like it has taken forever to get here.  But it has all paid off because we are headed to Stanford this fall for a graduate program!  We are still in shock, actually.  But of course I wanted to make a big deal out of such an accomplishment (and yes, food is involved….) and help it be as memorable as possible.  First we had a wee photo shoot on campus.  Shawty was working it!

He didn’t even tell me before hand (the stinker!) but he was the only mechanical engineering student to graduate with honors, and the ONLY engineering student to graduate with an honors degree.  Whaaaaa????  He doesn’t even toot his horn to me.  I love it and it bugs me all at once.  I found out at the ceremony when the main dude up at the podium told him to stand up and was featured on the jumbo tron.

The speaker at the commencement ceremony was the one and only U of U alum Alex Smith, who now plays professional football for the Kansas City Chiefs.  It was seriously one of the best public speeches I have ever heard.  He outlined three “prescriptions” (he received an honorary doctorate at the ceremony, too) for a happy life: 1. Identify your weaknesses and make them strengths, 2. embrace the new, and 3. put your faith above your fears.  Seriously, go watch it!

Then with the help of my amazing MIL, Erin, we threw John William a fantastic(ally delicious) graduation party, clad with a red, black and white theme for our Running Utes.

It was an amazing weekend.  It was so much fun to celebrate my sweet, hardworking John.  He blesses our lives so much and it is so exciting to think of what we are facing together in the future!  Here are a few more snaps from our festivities:

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