NoCal Trip part 4: Golden Gate

Probably my favorite spot in the city!  Definitely James’.  We have a magnet on our fridge of the Golden Gate Bridge and every time he sees it he exclaims, “Cawifonia!  I wanna move to Cawifonia!”  He gets excited every time he sees a picture of the bridge.  So of course we took him there and saw his little face light up with joy when he saw the real deal.  It was a parent win, for sure.  I am so excited to raise my babies in the Bay!! (Not raise them all the way, Mom and Erin.  Don’t worry.  We won’t be gone THAT long.)

No, I’m not pregnant.  I was just standing in a very awkward back-arching position and it wasn’t too flattering.  Or maybe I’m just chubby.

All these photos are some of my absolute favorites!  Minus the chubby belly one of me :/. Anyhoo, enough attention drawn to THAT.


I’ve been thinking a lot about the stage of life I’m in right now.  It’s weird because I kind of feel like all-the-sudden I’m grown up.  Not that I haven’t felt grown up in the past, but am I seriously a mom of two, moving away to a land “far far away” (as James describes it) with my own little family?  Do I really have to take this on by myself now and not have the help of my parents and in laws at the ready? Guess so!  It’s intimidating but really exciting, too.  And there really is an overall feeling of peace about it, so I guess we’re doing the right thing.  Plus, these photos would be proof of how much the babies (especially James) loves the idea of a big adventure in the Bay Area!

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