NoCal trip part 2: kite-flying on Stanford Campus

I promise Charlie was here, too.  We just didn’t get a single. photo. of. him.  Just know that I really do love my children equally.

James could not have been more excited to fly a kite for the first time ever.  It was absolutely ADORABLE.  He would get so excited when it would catch some wind and then equally as frustrated when it would drop right to the ground again because he hadn’t mastered his “technique.”  It was just the quintessence of childhood.  We flew the kite at the Stanford married student housing park and it was so fun to imagine how it will be for us there when we move out there this fall.  I’m scared to leave my mommy, but I know that all I need is my own little family to buoy me up when I’m anxious about change.  As long as I have them, I can make it.

….lots more pics of our trip to come….

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