NoCal trip part 1: Stanford Campus

For John’s graduation we decided to celebrate by heading off to Northern California to check out our new digs come Fall.  We are so excited to be heading off to Stanford, and even more excited that we already have family there to help us feel at home.  We stayed with them the week of our trip and honestly could not be more blessed to have them in our lives.  They are so fun, so good, so kind, and so hospitable!  We split the road trip up into two days since the drive is about 13 hours for us, and we are surprised at how awesomely the babes did!  Thank heavens for tablets and hourly “present” incentives to help keep Jameser on track with the good attitude.  Charlie was super chill the whole time and loved just looking at his big brother the whole drive.

Our first activity once we arrived and settled in was to go check out our new campus!  Stanford is known for its gorgeous campus, so we made a day of it with food, kite flying (pics of that later), and lots of walking around.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  It has an old Spanish mission type feel.  I don’t think I’ve ever been around a larger group of geniuses in my life as we walked around amongst the students there.  I have to remember that I’m smart, too, just in a different (I’m-smart-because-I-pretend-to-be) type of way.

Needless to say, we are pumped!  We will be living on campus and are hopeful to get the most out of the married student life at Stanford.  John will be biking everywhere and our location is so central to everything we love that I will have no problem finding things to do with the minis.  We are excited for our new adventure starting in September!!

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