21/52 of 2014


A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

James is acting three these days (the terrible twos have never shown it’s face around here, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been steeping for a year, getting ready to show their true colors…).  I am starting to get a tad unraveled.  I don’t really know how to handle it yet.  He seems quite content in trying to test me and push me in public settings.  I’ve had to get down on his level and quite plainly explain, “I DON’T CARE WHO SEES ME, I WILL GIVE YOU A SAD CONSEQUENCE NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE IF YOU ARE NAUGHTY.”  He’s just 100% little boy, I guess, and I should remember that.  Sometimes his little body can’t help but run and jump around and scream without realizing his brother is sleeping in the room next door.  Sometimes his little mind is so much in his own world that he literally does not hear me calling his name over and over right into his ear.  And sometimes his creativity can’t help but scribble with crayons all over the walls.  It just needs to get OUT.  His knew thing when he gets a sad consequence is, “Mom, you’re hurting my feelings!”  Yeah, he knows exACTly what he’s doing…..  I can’t help but think it’s adorable at the same time, though.

Charlie is about as great a little brother to James as James needs.  He lets James clobber him and tickle him and will just stare at him with a sparkly eye as James plays or sits in the car seat next to him or even watches PBS.  Charlie IDOLIZES James.  And like I said, it’s just what James needs.  He helps James feel like a brave, tough big brother.  And he kinda makes me feel like a superwoman who produces wonder babies.  Because he is just so wonder-ful.  He’s currently obsessed with spoons and can sit up but is lazy about it.  He’s got two teeth, weighs about 17.5 pounds, is now 8 months old and still not sleeping completely through the night.  We got messed up again after sleeping great on vacation.  Luckily James sleeps right through any crying now!


Being a mom to brothers is just the absolute best.

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