20/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.

The closer James gets to three, the more defiant, sassy, disobedient and hyper he gets.  It’s kinda stressing me out!  I feel like all I do these days is snap at him.  Yesterday we had a good chat about how I want us to have fun together again and be best friends again.  He said, “Mom, we wuv eachover.”  And followed it up with a big smooch (by the way, my kid has the best lip lock ever!).  It really settled my heart.  We’re gonna make it through the three together and we’ll come out closer on the other end.  I just need to be gentle and consistent in my discipline but remember that he is just a little boy and I need to let him bet that.

Charlie slept through the night for a few day stretch there but it has become hit and miss again.  Worst case scenario, though, is him only waking up once.  He’s getting there!  He’s just such a sweety.  He’s got two teeth and can sit up but is lazy about it.  Or maybe I’m lazy about it and need to practice with him more instead of sticking him in the bumbo for convenience.  He’s had a clogged tear duct his whole life and he might have to get a wee drain in it if it doesn’t go away within the next month.  Anyway, I’m sure this is just riveting information to all of you.

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