18/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.  We’ve been on vacation the last week and so I am super behind in my social media updates, but I wanted to stay current on my Project 52 efforts.  These are a week late, but they were taken in the correct week of the project.


James is so full of wonder.  Everything is larger than life to him and it makes everything so exciting.  He has been pushing the envelope a little the last few weeks as far as what he can get away with and how he can treat me, but he responds so well to just sitting him down, laying it all out on the table, telling him what is and isn’t allowed, and  basically just reasoning with him.  I also find that if we are heading into a new situation (like a vacation, for example) he does great if I sit him down BEFORE hand and lay out expectations.  I just need to remember to do that and help set him up for success in new situations.


Charlie is sleeping through the night!!!!  We decided to do the Sleep Sense program (not a paid sponsor here!) and literally saw improvements the very first night.  He’s now sleeping 10 hour stretches, waking up for a quick feeding, and then going back down for 2-3 hours.  The level of heart-heaviness that has lifted is indescribable!  We are finally feeling the relief that a good night’s sleep can bring, and aren’t going to bed worried and wondering.  He even did great on our vacation!  Now it’s just a matter of getting Jameser used to sleeping in his room again, as he’s been next to our bed at night while Charlie figures out how to sleep better.  One thing at a time!

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