The secret to a happy life….

I’m turning 30 this year (not until November) and it has gotten me thinking more deeply about life than ever before.  I find it fascinating and eery all at once that a life can all the sudden be 30 years old.  I vividly remember my childhood and cannot believe it’s such a distant memory.  I don’t feel any older than I did in high school, and yet life has dished me some lessons that only age and maturity would see.    I am so categorically fulfilled by my life and have so much joy, but all of this thinking has made me wonder if there is something I’m missing.  I just want to make sure I’m getting the most out of life.  This desire has lead me to an epiphany of sorts.  I am pretty sure I have discovered the number one thing that will contribute to a happy life….. do you want to know what it is?
Be happy for others.  Celebrate in others’ victories.  Find joy in others’ joy.  Simply–just be happy for others.
I don’t know why this simply concept that I have always known has hit me so hard lately, but it has resonated in my heart and I feel very strongly that it really is the secret to a happy life.  So much of life we have so little control over–even the things we think we really do have control over.  But being happy for others is something we can control.  It’s not easy–believe me, I am working on this one.  It’s not always my first instinct.  Often times I feel threatened for some weird reason if others succeed.  Not only is that immature of me, but it inhibits so much happiness I could be feeling.  Others’ success and happiness does not mean I am any less of whatever I am striving to be.  In fact, I feel that if I am happy for others than I am more of what I am striving to be.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  Anyway, something to think about.  
These photos are from a family date we went on to the park.  This weather is killing it!  We are so  for the summer and are planning on making the most of our time here with family and friends before we are shipped off to California for a few years.  So much thrill in the air!

Our precious little Moose.^
^My dream boy.
“I’m fwwwyyyyyyyyiiiiiiinnnnnnng!”^
I spy two little teethums! ^
The feet of our family: 
^Possibly my new favorite picture of the little stud.
“Nana nana nana nana……”^
We hope everyone is enjoying this special time of year, and that the resurrection of Christ will bring peace and joy to us all!  Have a beautiful Easter weekend!