Easter snaps and symbols

Although these pictures are a few days overdue, I cannot say enough good about our Easter weekend!  It was one we will remember for years to come.  It was full of food, tradition, loved ones, cute babies, sugar highs, bow ties, sunny skies, cherry blossoms……. so so so much good.  I’ll let the bajillion pictures below tell the rest:
I taught the children in our congregation about the symbols of Easter on Sunday.  As I was studying up on it, I learned a lot about how the commercialization of Easter crosses over with the true meaning of Easter (celebrating Christ conquering death).  I was really touched by what some of the cutesie things represent!  Here are some of the things I found:

Easter eggs: the tomb
basket: Christ carrying our sins
lamb: Jesus is our Shepherd
new outfit: taking off the old and putting on the new
chick: resurrection and new life
Bunny: giving life
What a special time Easter is.  We had such a beautiful weekend and sure hope you all did too!