16/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James is obsessed with Charlie.  I’ve decided he just has an obsessive personality, because when he gets into something, it is his life.  Charlie fascinates him.  And he loves comforting him and making him laugh and I only have to remind him to include Charlie now and again as he does it pretty much all on his own most of the time.  It hasn’t always been this way, but I think now that Charlie is getting bigger and more responsive, James is getting a kick out of him.  And James has also learned how to keep his cool with Legos, so we have been building a lot of stuff around here!  He knows he’ll lose his lego privileges if he’s naughty, so he’s actually turned into the most obedient, sweet, helpful little boy in the world.  Thank you, Legos!  Just a funny little Jamesism from the week:  At my mom’s Easter Egg Hunt she had these little eggs that looked like animals.  James brought a turtle egg home and put one of his Batman Legos in it, then was throwing it around and it landed under the changing table.  He came into me and said, “Mom, my black Batman is in the green table under the pooping shelf.”
Charlie is obsessed with James.  And it has always been this way.  He will sit and stare at his big brother all day, and will intermittently start giggling just because he likes what he sees.  He really is just a darn happy kid.  Pretty easy to please and just loves hanging out.  I think he might be a tad behind on some developmental milestones like sitting up and eating baby food easily (and sleeping through the night), but I’m not too concerned.  I just need to practice with him more consistently.  We got the ol’ baby saucer out of storage this past week and he’s really loving that.  his little face gets so intense when he’s playing with certain toys, it’s hilarious. He loves to clap and can say “dada” and sings and squeaks all the time.  He is simply a joy.