Spoil Your Spouse: picnic date

I’m starting a new series about ideas to keep your marriage fresh!  I’m calling it “Spoil Your Spouse.”  It stems from the idea that we should spoil our spouses before we spoil our children, that spoiling our spouses is one of the best things we can do for our children.  They feel secure and safe in their family unit and are more likely to have healthy relationships of their own throughout their life.  Everyone wins!  You don’t have to have kids to join in on the fun, though.  These ideas are for any marriage at any stage!  This series is intended to motivate us all to invest time, energy, thought and heart into the most important relationship in our lives.  So get ready to spoil your spouse!!  Here is the first installment:
Our Picnic Date.
John has been so stressed with school lately so I thought instead of waiting for him to plan a date night for us, I would go ahead and plan a big one for him to show him of my love, support and gratitude for all of his hard work and tender friendship.  The weather has been so nice lately, so I thought we’d have our first picnic of the season!  It turned out to be super chilly that night, so we decided to utilize John’s parents’ backyard fireplace and cozy up in front of it together.  It actually turned out way more romantic than it would have had we been freezing our tootsies off at some park.  Plus the mountains seemed like they were right in the back yard.  It was such a stunning backdrop for our date.
I opted to amp up the presentation so that my effort was a little more obvious.  I wanted John to know that I put a lot of effort and thought into a special night for him.  No, our picnics do not usually look like this!  But, like I said, the night was supposed to be special for my Boo.  We had our favorite meal (menu to follow), did video-recorded personal interviews of each other of some random questions pulled out of a jar, and sketched each other.  We talked of our future, how awesome our kids are, and expressed gratitude for each others’ devotion to our marriage and family and integrity.  Then we had hot chocolate in front of the fire and it was all just wonderful.
The Menu:
Lemon Pepper rotisserie chicken (store bought)
variety of fresh fruits
Olive Oil Cracked Pepper Triscuits (THE BEST!!)
sliced cheddar cheese
hard boiled eggs
sour dough bread (store bought)
hummus (store bought)
strawberry peach crumble muffins for dessert
I thought about trying to make some fancy/trendy type meal with gruyere and onion marmalade or something, but thought this would be just as beautiful and filling and require minimal prep time since everything came pretty much ready-made from the store except the muffins and eggs.  Plus this meal is sentimental to us and we have it on special occasions, so I thought it was perfect for the picnic.  
It turned out to be a great night.  Most of all, it was just wonderful being together.  John was so appreciative, and of course, all the effort I put into the night made my love for him grow even more.  TIP: if you want to love someone more, serve them.  Sacrifice for them.  Give them your time and attention.