Simplicity and Bells Canyon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity lately.  It seems that whenever I feel overwhelmed I start thinking about simplicity again.  It looks like we might be moving a few states away come Fall, and the idea of packing up and de-cluttering gets me really excited.  I don’t want to take anything to our new home that I do not absolutely love, need, or cherish.  I want to live more minimally, at least when it comes to the “stuff” in my life.  I want to live as fully as possible in all other areas.  For instance, John had work off yesterday and we woke up and decided to go on an impromptu hike with the boys.  The sun has been shining more lately and we wanted to take advantage of the Spring-ish weather.  So we loaded up and headed off.  James walked the whole way and really did great.  By the end, though, he said, “Mom, this is not fun.”  But before he got burned out he was lapping it up.  He kept saying, “What a beautiful day!  It is such a beautiful day!”  Maybe because he knew we were going to see The Lego Movie after the hike?  Charlie hung in there, too, but had had enough when we were about 15 minutes from the bottom of the trail.  John was a good sport to carry him in the backpack, especially when Charlie was screaming directly in his ear for a good portion of the time.  All in all, though, it was just so much fun being with my boys and sharing in the beautiful nature with them.  I cannot express how much I love my little family and being out and about with them.  It all just fills my soul with so much life.