My circle blanket.

James has a very special friend that he wants to take everywhere, sleep with every night, and cuddle with all day long.  He calls it his “circle blanket,” because it’s a blanket with circles on it.  Originality is one of James’ strong suits.  It’s not just any blanket, though.  It comforts him when nothing else can, it is loyal and cozy and imperfect from all the wear it gets from doing it’s job.  It helps James feel secure and safe.  It represents unconditional love and mercy and compassion.  It very well could be James’ most favorite thing in the whole wide world.
Well, James is my circle blanket.
I need him.  I hold him.  He comforts me.  He loves me.  He forgives me and is perfectly imperfect.  And he is my most favorite thing in the whole wide wonderful world.