Does this really surprise anyone?

It rained today and we went and played in it!
The weather has been gorgeous the past few days, but I must admit–I’m not ready to say goodbye to winter!  I guess I’ve grown a new appreciation for it since becoming a mother.  There is so much wonder and awe in the eyes of your child as he experiences different seasons, and winter has been so fun for us!  Minus the asthma attacks.  I do love no season more than rainy season, though, so I’m hoping the transition form winter to spring will drag on this year!  We love wellies and puddles and raincoats and adventuring in this family, and early Spring Showers are the perfect canvas for memory making.  Plus now we have Charlie to induct into our craziness…  You can see, though, that he’s already quite fond of rain, too.  I love being a mama to boys!!
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