A few things on a Tuesday:

James has figured out how to climb into Charlie’s crib.  This could be the happiest I’ve been in my whole life.
Having said that, I’ve been having anxiety lately.  I think it has to do with Charlie not sleeping that great at night.  Needless to say, I have become a tad too reliant on Diet Pepsi.  James saw me drinking it this morning and said, “You drink that a lot.  I don’t believe in it.”  For the record, nobody asked him.
Turns out an option that we didn’t even think existed fell into our laps and we might be moving to my favorite place in the country for grad school……. 
James shows no interest in potty training.  I’ve tried bribing him with legos, superheros, candy, screen time, stickers, dope big boy undies…. looks like we’ll be waiting until the summer when peeing outside becomes an option and an incentive itself.
It snowed in the valley this morning.  We’ve been having 60 degree weather, and it snows.  Hoping James’ asthma doesn’t flare up again!  Geesh.
Today is bread-making day and my little apartment could not smell yummier.
Today is also laundry day and I could not feel less motivated.
I think I’m going to write a little book for my posterity that is a compilation of accounts of the most significant spiritual experiences of my life….sort of a memoir of how my heart has become what it is.  I think that could be such a treasure!
Looking at these pictures makes me so….content.  They calm my worried mamma heart and put everything into perspective.  Motherhood is everything my soul needs to feel.  And then add my precious hubby to the equation and I am overwhelmed with humbling gratitude and awe for my simple little life.
When James realized Charlie had an apple pillow he made me go get his pear pillow so the fruit pillows could be friends.
I love it when both my babies want me to hold them!