9/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James has been having major asthma probs this past week, and as a result he has been having a hard time in the tantrum department. I mean, I would, too, if my lungs were on fire and I had a limited ability to express my feelings.  I’m having a hard time with his hard times, though.  I’m trying to be empathetic and understanding, but I am weak.  I definitely fall short of what he needs, but I am trying and he knows I love him more than life, so I’m hoping that makes up for a lot of my failings.  We have been snuggling a lot at bed time in his teepee this past week.  He gets so excited for me to come in and visit him before I go to bed.  He asks me to read him a book and then he “reads” me one, and we hold each other and kiss and whisper “I love yous” and it puts everything into perspective again.  He also gets the biggest kick out of scaring me.  And he really does scare me, I’m not just pretending he does.  He’ll sneak out of his room after his nap and just wait in the hall until I turn the corner and he’ll yell, “BOO!” and my heart falls into me knickers.  Every. Single. Time.
Charlie is getting so rolly polly!  He can get around simply by wiggling and rolling.  He turned five months this past week and I’m starting to feel the mother angst of “WHYISMYBABYGETTINGSOBIGSOFAST??!!!!” But I am really loving every minute.  He is so precious.  So. Very. Precious.  Always has a huge hammy grin on his mug and loves watching his brother play.  He sings a lot, and James thinks it’s just for him (check out our Instagram for video demonstrations…).  He loves snuggling with me and smooching and I can’t say that I mind it.