12/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James is obsessed with Legos.  I’ve held off buying him his own in hopes that I can use them to motivate him to potty train, but his Grammy has a huge tub full of them (she had 4 boys) and James gets his Lego fix whenever we go over there.  He loves them so much, it’s hard for me to resist getting him his own.  I think I’ll probably cave and get him some in the next little while.  It’s so exciting to see him love something so much!  The other day we had just left Grammy’s and he had taken a little Batman lego home but had lost it somewhere in the car.  When we got home, the light of the car came on and he discovered his little Batman shoved down in between his leg and the edge of his car seat.  He started laughing maniacally and said, “HAHAHA I found it!  It was wight dewe!  HAHAHA! Awe, CWAP!”  I guess I need to watch what I say around him better…..
Charlie is getting bigger and bigger and smilier and smilier.  I feel like I say this every week, but it just keeps happening.  He is loving blowing spit bubbles and buzzing his lips.  He’s a great napper but is still waking up some at night.  His hair is coming in totally white—remember he was a little Mexican when he was born??  I love holding him and mugging on him, but he also does great playing under his gym and just watching James play.  James is the only one who makes Charlie belly laugh.  Charlie idolizes his big brother already, that is so obvious.  I am convinced that heaven is having two sons who love each other.