11/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James gets mistaken for a girl everywhere we go, no matter what he’s wearing.  He’s been called a girl in a full on Batman costume, superman slippers, suspenders (which, yes, would all look cute on a girl, too) …. no matter how much of a boy I dress him like, he’s still a girl to the world.  It’s got to be his hair and big eyes.  And his beautiful face.  And size.  He’s beensy.  My beensy litle beautiful boy.  I have been a tad worried lately that he might have something like diabetes because he drinks more water than a full grown male camel.  I looked it up and became less worried (first time Google has resolved my concerns instead of making them worse…).  The kid just loves his water.  Not a bad thing to love!  It just makes for a lot of washed sheets from nightly leaks.  Not complaining, though.
Charlie has been such a chill baby but has been having a hard time lately.  He’s still super smiley, but doesn’t sleep as well at night and isn’t as content to sit and play with toys.  I swear you can be teething for months and months with out any sign of teeth popping out!  He loves it when I hold him and snuggle him.  It really helps him feel better.  It calms my soul, too, when I remember to just forget everything I have to get done and simply exist in the moment with my snuggly little babe.  I just want to take him all in.  I was obsessed with James as a baby, too, but I feel more protective of Charlie, or something.  I think it has to do with how high risk my pregnancy was with him.  I think of him being scared or sad or lonely and I just want to throw up.  I cannot handle the idea of that.  As a result, he gets held and loved on a whole bunch.  By all of us.  And everyone wins!
These photos are from a little hike we took this past week.