10/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James continues to test my patience more than he has in the past, but he is just so funny and full of life that I literally cannot stay frustrated with him.  He’s started to do this fake laugh.  He’ll say something that happened or something he saw on a show or tell me some story (all straight-faced) and then immediately follow it up with this fake laugh.  He also loves to “surprise” us by going to the fridge, getting in the snack drawer and pulling out a cheese stick or yogurt, then coming to us with it behind his back and say something like, “It’s gonna be a surprise!  You’re never gonna see it coming!” and then he whips the snack out from behind his back and yells, “SURPRISE!”  Yesterday I told him that him being obedient was one of my very favorite things in the whole world.  I then asked him what his favorite thing in the whole world was and he replied, “You, when you have your pants on.”
Charlie got a big boy crib this past week.  He had been in a little cot-sized crib but was waking up a lot at night due to lack of wiggle room.  So we got him a bigger crib in hopes that it would help him (and us) sleep better at night, but he’s going through a growth spurt now and is waking up several times a night anyway.  Last night showed a little more promise, but with daylight savings I was sort of all messed up and didn’t really get the most out of his good night’s sleep.  Ah, the joys of the first year of your baby’s life!  Really, though, I’m surprised we are doing so well and staying so happy in spite of sleep deprivation.  We’ve just got so much exciting stuff going on in our life, most of which are our kiddos growing and cracking us up every other second, and we feel so blessed.  There’s just not enough room in our hearts for discouragement!  Plus Charlie has discovered his tongue and shaking his head back and forth, so there’s that and all it’s cuteness.