Busy Bubbers: teepee time

James has been waking up at night the past few nights so I thought he might be ready to drop his daily siesta.  This realization sort of gave me anxiety because I LIVE for James’ nap time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid more than life.  But those few hours of Jessi time really help me make it through the day with patience and compassion.  So we are trying to have quiet time instead.  We call our quiet time “Teepee Time” and the rules are that he has to stay in his teepee and use his “church voice” until he hears the timer go off (which is about 60 minutes later).  He can read (his preferred activity) or play with toys quietly or do anything else he can think of that can be done in a small space without added noise.  If you don’t have a teepee you can modify this activity with any type of quiet space: a reading corner, a play mat, a fort… whatever you got.
James did get a little bored the first time we did this and ended up falling asleep.  But instead of letting him take his regular three hour nap, I woke him up when the timer went off and he slept great that night.  I think this will be a great solution to night time wake-ups!