7/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
James has started to call me “Mama” for the first time ever (I’ve always been “Mom” or “Mommy”).  But it’s not really a “Mama” the way a baby says it, it’s more of a “Mama” the way a hillbilly says it.  I absolutely LOVE it.  He’s also been walking around on his tiptoes everywhere.  It’s so much fun to see him play.
Charlie is always so happy.  Don’t get me wrong, he cries.  But if he’s not hungry, he’s giggling and cooing and squawking with delight.  He is simply an angel, we just cannot get enough of him.  I love him so much, it hurts.  He’s been sucking on his hands, which are getting so deliciously chubby.