Sunrise and James’ face.

My brother-in-law Tanner came to me a few weeks ago to see if I would help him with an idea he had for his mom’s birthday.  I jumped at the chance because Tanner is such a sweetie pie and so is my mother-in-law and it involved jammin with him.  So, duh, of course I was in.  We had planned for him to come over when James was sleeping so that we could record the video with no distractions.  In true James fashion, though, he woke up from his nap right when Tanner and I were going to record the video, and of course he wanted to be in it.  The only stipulations were that he sit quietly and didn’t wiggle.  I’m posting this video because while James did sit still and quiet, he did end up getting a tad bored and his facial expressions leave very little room for misinterpretation.  I think it actually made the birthday surprise for my MIL a kajillion times better.
We ran through it once before we recorded it.  James was still a little out of it, since he had just woken up.  So he sat in his little chair in the corner with a glazed over look.  But when we were done, he hopped out of his little chair, sauntered over to me with a half grin, and said, “Mom, that was perfect.”  And so is he.