city creek

Yesterday we were able to get out of the house and head to the city center for a little stroll with some cousins and rain clouds.  It was actually just heavenly.  We have been cooped up in our little space for most of January, so to be able to put makeup on and sort of do my hair was so rejuvenating.  Plus it was overcast and rained a little, so you can imagine how happy I was about that!  In all honestly, January has kicked my bahonkis.  The kiddos were so sick, and then there was a murder in our neighborhood–and I’m nothing short of paranoid as it is, so you can imagine what’s been racing through my emotionally fragile mind.  I guess I’m just finally starting to feel like my happy self again, after a month of the blues.  I also remembered how much fun James is!  He’s been a tad moody lately, but yesterday he came back to life and we are best friends again.  Which I am so excited about.  I always love my kids, but sometimes they just melt my heart to mushy sappy goo and I can’t help but exclaim, “I LOVE MY KIDS!” without realizing where I am, and at the risk of passersby giving me the eye.  I don’t care where we are, though, I love shouting it to the tops of the mountains.