3/52 of 2014

A portrait of each of our children, each week of the year 2014.
Key words for this week: “pneumonia”—“RSV”—“ear infection.”  
We are barely staying afloat around here, but luckily we are on the upswing.  The boys had had a little cough earlier this week but we have had a bad inversion here in the valley and I thought it was just their asthma acting up as a result of it.  Then James got a fever Thursday night and it hadn’t broken by morning (after literally my hardest night of motherhood to date) so I took the boys in so James could get checked out.  Turns out he had pneumonia and his oxygen levels were so low that they wanted to take him in ambulance to the nearest children’s hospital. I started freaking out and was balling when all of the sudden his levels were getting a tad better–better enough that the need for the ambulance was no longer.  I was worried about Charlie being around James, so I asked the doctor to check Charlie out, too, just to make sure he was in the clear.  Turns out he has RSV and a raging ear infection.  Good thing we had him checked out!  We were instructed to monitor James the rest of the evening and get them both started on antibiotics. Anyway, here we are.  We’re getting better but it hasn’t been without it’s tantrums and difficulties.  Charlie’s picture about sums it up, actually.  So we still have a ways to go.  But there is a new week is ahead of us!  And it could only be better than this past one.