On things of the updation nature:

Things are going pretty well around these parts.  Charlie is a dream, James is funnier than EVER, and we are enjoying our holiday season as a family of four more than I ever imagined I could when I was just a little girl playing house, pretending to have a family of my own.  My family is….is everything my juvenile hopes and dreams conjured up and more.  We may live in only 800 square feet, and we may have to shop at thrift stores and have handmade Christmases, but we cannot think of anything we don’t have that we need, and it’s actually really fun to basically live on top of each other.  Plus it’s easy to clean 800 square feet.  We have each other, the Gospel, and we laugh every day.  We are just overflowing with gratitude.
John is wrapping up his semester this week!  Then we only have one more!!!!  Until grad school, that is.  I honestly have no idea what it will be like to not be married to a student.
I am raising two babes.  It is all I have ever wanted to do and I feel more fulfilled as a mother and wife than I ever have before.
James is the funniest little dude ever.  The doctors say he talks like a four year old but is as little as a one year old (how John and I produced a small person is beyond me…).  So you can imagine how funny it is to hear him talk.  It’s shocking that those words could come out of something so little.  
Charlie is getting so big.  He only wakes up once a night and is relatively easy.  He’s smiling and giggling these days and is just a dream boat.  
*There are still moccasins for sale from this post.  You are welcome to buy some, there’s just no guarantee they’ll be delivered by Christmas.  But there are always showers and birthdays!  Just follow the same instructions in the post.*