I’ve recently come across several blog series and articles highlighting what some would refer to as “Super Moms.”  The women featured are beautiful, talented, have darling children, and do an amazing job balancing all the demands of motherhood with their own online businesses, record deal, art show or something of the like.  While I have so much respect for these women and their endeavors, I worry that the blogosphere is glamorizing this approach to motherhood more than just the good old fashioned type of mothering, where women don’t feel like they have to prove themselves in any other way than by “just”mothering.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important it is to explore hobbies and nurture talents as a woman, especially when you feel like your identity is being sucked up in diapers, play dates, and dinner.  I also know we are in a time when dual incomes have become a necessity for so many families, and many of the endeavors of these “Super Moms” contribute financially.  But coming from someone who isn’t really that great at anything other than mothering, I would hope that the world remembers that just being a mom is enough to be a “Super Mom.”  
When I read these articles about all these amazing women doing all these amazing things while raising all these amazing children, I think of the mothers in my life who I would highlight if I were to contribute to these series.  Mothers like my own, like my husband’s, like my father’s and mother-in-law’s.  These women are among the most incredible women I could imagine.  Yes, they had hobbies and countless talents that blessed more than the lives of just their children, but they didn’t feel inadequate by being “just” a stay at home mom and fiercely dedicating all their time and energy into nurturing their families.  Again, please don’t misunderstand me.  The women who do it all as described in these blog posts are absolutely wonderful and amazing and a beacon of womanhood, and I am so grateful for the examples they are setting for the world.  I just haven’t seen any posts featuring mothers who are “just” good mothers.  I would love to see that.  I would love to see the world championing good old fashioned stay-at-home moms who might feel like they aren’t enough amidst all the “Super Moms” who seemingly do it all.  Because in the eyes of this mama, motherhood is enough, no matter how many other things you add to it.