James and his teepee.

Here, my friends, we have way too many photos of what might appear to be the same thing to someone not emotionally dependent upon this kiddo, but of what is actually a bunch of different photos of the coolest little dude ever there was having fun playing, while his mammy captures his spirit and innocence one frame at a time.
This photo shoot was inspired by the Thanksgiving season.  We are just crazy thankful for James and everything he is.  He is bursting with personality, unconditional love, purity, and adventure.  He wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving, and wants to let you know how much he loves ya.  
We have been having crazy beautiful weather the past few days, so we decided to make the most of it!  I feel like Jameser looks like a lost boy here.  He had fun pretending to be one, at least, even though he did end up getting a bit chilly! 
teepee: handmade by me
moccasins: handmade by me
headband: handmade by me
jeans and suspenders: H&M
mini chair: thrifted
blocks: thrifted
wire basket: thrifted
faux sheepskin rug: Ikea
wool blanket: Pendleton

*if you click on each image you can see it in better quality*