He comes first.

This evening, in an attempt to choose positiveness after a day from heck filled with sick babies, tantrums, absent husbands (midterm season is upon us) and broken dryers, I asked James to help me list off blessing Heavenly Father has given us to help us be happy.  
I asked him, “James, what makes you happy (aside from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I thought to myself, which he watched for a good ten hours straight today)?”  He thought for a minute, tilted his noggin to the right as he searched his little (brilliant) brain, looked at me with a smile and said in his raspy little croup voice, 
“Jesus makes me happy, Mom.”  
My mother heart leaped a little in my chest and I wrapped my humbled arms around my boy.  As I was holding him I asked, “What else makes you happy, James?”  
“Batman, Mom.”
And I was so proud that Jesus came first.  
It reminded me to always put Jesus first.  
So as we were getting ready for bed, I recommitted to having family scripture study and family prayer with my children every night, no matter what kind of day I had and no matter how fast I wanna just jump in my bed, throw the covers over my head and forget.  After all, it’s the days that pull me and try me as a mother that I need to teach my children about Jesus the most.  It’s on those days that I can prove to myself that I will never neglect the importance of deliberately inviting the Spirit into my home.  It’s not like James gets much out of our family spirituality yet, but I cling desperately to the habit of daily family prayer and scripture study so that it will be there when he will get something out of it.  It’s the little things like reading from the scriptures and praying together that fortify us and our children against an ever eroding worldly standard.  
I am so grateful for the little things I know that are really the big things, and so grateful I have power to protect my family and keep our home a place where Jesus will always come first.