Flashback to the Fire Station

A week or so before we had Charlie, Jameser and I went on a date to the fire station with James’ little best bud “Kennon” to visit Kennon’s real-life-superhero-fire-fighter dad at work.  We got the royal treatment! As in driving around base in the fire truck, getting to spray the hose, and trying on real life fire-fighting gear.  James might as well have died and gone to little boy heaven, he was so excited the whole time.  It was so fun for me to see and experience with my little guy, even though I was 9 months pregnant and waddling around the station.  It was so special for James and me to do together before our family all the sudden changed forever (in the best of ways!)  Here are a few shots from the day:
this one chokes me up a little…
of course he wore his fire boots
he’s obsessed with the kid