A grammy date.

Yesterday Jameser got to go on a date with his Grammy to a local pumpkin patch.  He got to ride Snowflake the pony, feed a baby goat with a bottle, and saw lots of fun witches decorating the scene.  It was pretty much the perfect fall day for my little buddy and his Grammy.  Charlie and I got to stay home and catch up on some sleep and laundry, which was more than I could have asked for!  It helped me feel a little more grounded and collected in this whole 2-kid-adventure I’m transitioning into.
Truth be told, it hasn’t been easy the past few weeks.  I’ve had baby blues pretty badly but am finally starting to feel like myself again.  I feel like I’m connecting more with Charlie each day and that he has been in our family all along, since forever.  James absolutely adores him and some of the most joyous moments of our new life so far have been watching James love on his baby brother.  It confirms to me that in spite of my fears and angst, James deserves a brother more than anything.  And now they have each other forever, the best of friends.  
Part of what I was nervous about before Charlie was born, but that I didn’t realize until after he was born, was the possibility of Jameser feeling like he’s getting kicked to the back seat, or that his thunder was being stolen by this new little person.  I didn’t want James to get any less attention in light of the new baby.  That idea just kinda broke my heart a little.  But the first time we went out as the three of us, James quickly reminded me that his cuteness can hold it’s own.  It was actually magnified, if you can believe it, by him telling everyone we saw how much he loves his new baby “Chwawie.” It helped my mother heart appreciate in a very real way that each child is irreplaceable and make up 99% of the family all on their own (as my sweet mother-in-law says).  The truth is, Charlie brings out the best in James.  Sure, he’s been a tad naughty through the transition, but never towards or about Moose.  Just about life and having to grow up a little bit all the sudden.  But I can honestly say that I love him more than ever, and Charlie is just a bright light of joy in all of our lives.  So, with two weeks down, I’d say so far so good.
Pic creds to James’ Grammy