Hospital bag checklist:

My bags are literally packed and I am literally ready to go.  I’m 35 weeks today and some may think me a tad premature, but I say you can never be too prepared.  And although, for my sanity, I am trying to suppress feelings of Moose coming early (please!!), I have a feeling I might be in this for the long haul and the next month will be heck.  It seems the closer I get to his due date, the longer it takes to actually get there.  But he’ll get here eventually and I’ll look into his eyes and then back on my pregnancy and not remember a single miserable second and plan on doing it all again in the very near future.  Or something.  
Posted yesterday on my Instagram
I’m a planner, in case you were wondering.  I like things planned and in my control.  And since I can’t control or plan when Moose will arrive, I can at least plan everything else beforehand and be ready to go on D Day.  For instance: we just got our carpets professionally cleaned and we are having maids come next week to deep clean our casa.  And Moose’s clothes are all washed and ready to go, but I might just rewash them because I washed them a few months ago and they’ve just been sitting, collecting dust since then.  And I’ll wash all the blankets again, too.  And the car seat cover.      And….. I’m sure I can find other things to clean.  
Nested much?
Since people have been asking me about what I put in my hospital bag, I thought I’d whip up a little checklist for you in case you’re getting ready to deliver, too.  
Right click the image and save it to your computer to print off.  Or just use it to inspire your own hospital bag checklist.  Explanations for the less obvious things I put in my bag are at the bottom of the post… 
T Shirt dresses: They are big and comfy but still feminine and flatter the post-belly belly while you’re welcoming visitors, etc.  I wear it with the yoga pants for extra comfort.
Underwear:  I mean, unless you love the fishnet grannies they give you at the hospital…
Mirror: For makeup application and convenience.  Call me vain, but I love looking good while laboring.
Gum: No baby wants their first smell to be their mom’s reesky birthing breath.
Stuff for your newborn: They will have a few things there for him/her but I like to pack a cute little outfit or two, mainly to just play dress up, but also to make sure they have a cute little number for their trip home.
Gifts for the nursing staff: It doesn’t have to be much, but I try to leave each nurse who assists with the labor and delivery a little token of gratitude for all of their care and compassion.  I also give my doctor a bigger gift at the 6 week checkup.
Gift for older sibs: Moose will be giving Jameser a Batman Build-a-Bear in an attempt to win his affections.  I’ve heard it’s just a fun icebreaker for the older sibling who has no idea what’s going on and may feel threatened.  
Gift for hubs:  John and I like to exchange gifts in the hospital before the baby is born, just to keep the experience about us and our family and our eternal love and all that mush.
Overnighter bags for your other babies: They’ll need their stuff at Grammy’s just as much as you’ll need your stuff at the hospital, so have a backpack for them ready to go, too!