Scenes from a superhero birthday bbq

As you know, Jameser turned 2 last month.  We kept his party just to family but I still wanted to give him the superhero party of his dreams.  I mean, how could I not??  I don’t know how many more years I’ll want to make birthdays into big productions for my kiddos, but as far now goes, might as well go big or go home while it’s still fun for me!  Plus it wasn’t that hard to throw this little party together.  I got the printables off pinterest (from this pin) and kept the menu simple.  I already had a lot of the other decorations, too, and it came together pretty smoothly. 

James was in heaven, esPESHally when his dad revealed the HUGE surprise he’d been working on for months (reserved for a post all its own, so stay tuned…).  Jameser also talked on the phone with the “REAL” Batman (thanks to Uncle Jake) and there was a guest appearance from the one and only and super buff ROBIN THE BOY WONDER!  Plus all of his little cousins were gifted their own superhero starter kits and were running around in their capes and masks, ready to save the day if needed (KICKing myself that I didn’t get a photo of all the kids together in their getups!!).  It was heaven on earth to see my boy so happy and excited.  I really think the party turned out to be his dream come true!
photo       photo-2-24
photo-3-23        photo-4-21
Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this party happen for my Dudeski.  The gifts were more than we ever could have hoped for, and the company was as good as it gets.  We love you all so much!  Here’s one last hoorah for Jameser:
Happy birthday, Baby Boy!!
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