On Moose’s gestation:

I’m 33 weeks tomorrow.  We have been told that my hemorrhage has resorbed and that all is well.  We have also been told that women with my condition and the size of my hemorrhage have a 70-80% miscarriage rate.  I cannot express what it means that we have made it this far.  That we have made it at all.  Moose is a fighter, that one (and a MAJOR kicker!).  He fought for his life in spite of my body trying to resist his growth.  He fought for a place in our earthly family in spite of having all odds against him.  He fought and he won.  Our whole family won.  We were strong in the heat of tribulation and we were able to prove to ourselves and to the Lord that we can do hard things with grace and faith and trust and cheer.  And even with all of the tears and all of the angst, this pregnancy has flown by.  Moose is practically here!  He will soon join is newborn cousins that have both been born within the past month.  I’ve been contracting too much the past few days (I just think he’s heading into a growth spurt) and it’s gotten my heart a little too excited at the thought of him coming a tad early.  It’s going to be a long seven weeks if I can’t shake that idea! 
This pregnancy I:
-have acquired atrocious and painful varicose veins     
-am hyper sensitive and get offended too easily
-have nested by cooking huge dinners every night
-have even stronger superhuman smelling than I normally do–it’s a curse, but I try to use my powers for good
-have had a few charley horses in the middle of the night that have awoken me in agonizing pain and screams, and John in heart palpitations 
-haven’t really craved anything specific, other than otter pops and the occasional chocolate cake donut
-don’t have the amazing skin that I had last pregnancy, but the hair is just as awesome
-liiiiiiiiiive for our window A/C unit
-have had sciatica, bleh 
-cannot drive long (as in anything over 20 minutes) distances TO SAVE MY LIFE–it is absolute torture and we have to stop to let me walk around along our journey
-haven’t really kept track of a ton of the odd little things unique to this pregnancy because I have been having so much fun with Jameser by my side
-just feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude at the idea of really being able to bring this baby into our world
-have been a hundred times more comfortable and more pleasant than when I was pregnant with James, you can just ask John (and anyone in my life, for that matter…), but I am starting to get to the point where it just hurts and I just want to cry a lot of the time, hahaha
-have felt way more beautiful than I felt during my pregnancy with James, but cannot deny the nasty buns and thighs that have made residence below my belly


top photo inspired by this tutorial