How to treat a lady.

Taken by Uncle Tan Man
On Sunday morning I was hurting.  We had a lot of family stuff that day so it was an early start and we were hurrying from here to there and I didn’t have any Diet Coke at my house so I was having the hardest time feeling alive, pretty much.  And since we try to keep the Sabbath Day holy by not purchasing anything on Sunday if we can help it, it wasn’t looking like a Diet Coke was in the stars for me that day.  
By lunch time I was tired of pretending to be pleasent around the family, and I just parked it on my in-laws’ couch, ready to cry.  You see, I cannot express the difference a Diet Coke makes to my morning—to my life.  It is literally medicine for me.  I only drink one can a day and can’t drink it any time after lunch or I can’t sleep, but if I go without it then my head aches, I’m a terrible mom, I’m depressed, I’m tired, blah blah blah.  It doesn’t even taste good to me, but I need it.  
So, I’m on the couch at my in-laws’ caffein-free house, wallowing in my pity, and my hub comes to check on me.  He sees I’m upset and asks what the matter is.  With the family around, I simply whisper to him, “DIET COKE.”  He hugs me and expresses his condolences and then is off once again to socialize with the family.
We were  all getting reading to leave for church together when I realized my husband wasn’t anywhere around.  I thought he was in the bathroom or something, so I kept yelling his name, telling him we needed to leave right then so that I could have a soft seat.  But I couldn’t find him anywhere.  And just then, what do ya know, in the front door walks my husband with a 2 liter of beautiful Diet Coke.  He had gone to his parents’ neighbors house, seeking out my sweet nectar, desperate to help his pregnant, grumpy wife.
And I’ll tell you what, I cried.  Not just because of the relief the Diet Coke brought me, but for all that the Diet Coke represented of my husband.  And of our marriage.  And of our friendship.  I realized, not for the first time, that I have a husband who would do anything for me.  He loves me, he roots for me and my comfort, and he seeks out opportunities to try to take care of me.  He is so sweet.  And he loves me so sweetly.  I am so grateful that our sons have him as an example of how to treat women.  If nothing else, they will learn from him that when a pregnant woman needs Diet Coke, she NEEEEEDS Diet Coke!