Busy Bubbers: the brain box

As James has blossomed into the toddler stage, I have been collecting learning activity after learning activity to help him start to expand his development more.  Growing up, my mom had files upon files of folder games and worksheets and activities, all for our learning, and she inspired me to start my own file.  As of right now, everything I have fits in one large file box from Walmart, and we have decided to call James’ file box “The Brain Box.”  Any time we want to focus on something specific to learn, I’ll whip out the Brain Box and go through the alphabetical files and find something James hasn’t learned yet and we’ll dedicate a few minutes (treats are usually involved) to introducing the new concept.  Of course there are lots of review games included, too (stickers are usually involved).  Anyway, he loves it and it’s been so convenient to have all of his learning activities in one spot.


Some of my favorite places to get free learning activity ideas, worksheets and printables are: