Little boy.

Every once in a while my big boy will let a little bit of my baby boy shine through his growing shell to his mighty spirit, to melt my mother heart all over again just like the first time I met him in that hospital room almost two years ago.  It mostly happens when he sleeps.  His lips relax into a juicy little pout and his jowls sag with the tilt of his nodding head.  His lashes stretch long down the tops of his cheeks and remind me of his innocence and simple satisfactions.  His world is getting bigger along with his mind and stature, but when he sleeps I remember my baby boy and hope that part of him will always let me see him that way.  Because no matter how big my little superhero gets, he will always be that tiny infant in my heart, so dependent upon me and the love I can offer, so perfect and so mine.  My heart is desperate for his love to always be true and real in my life, but I will have the image and memories of my baby boy hugging me and kissing me and loving me unconditionally if there ever comes a day when he wants his space.  Until then I will smother him with all the love in my being and strive to give him the world he so deserves.  One full of trust, safety, laughter, security and God.  James, you are my honest-to-goodness Superman and always will be.  I love you so very, very much.