James’ Second Birthday Invitation Sneak Peek:

This probably comes at no surprise.  I mean, we have good reason to believe that James sincerely thinks he is a bona fide superhero.  And of course we get a kick out of that and totally feed it.  He was so excited for his “super hero photo shoot” and believe it or not, this was the very first shot I took!  We got some others that are so amazing, too, we could not be more excited about them. James asks all the time if he can look at his “Superman pictures.”  I’ll post some of our favorites another time.
Gosh, I just can’t believe it’s this time again.  The second year flew by ten times faster than the first!  And yes, he still may be able to fit into the same clothes he wore last summer, but he’s our big boy and his mind is exploding with imagination and determination and excitement for everything he sees.  I never dreamed it could all be so wonderful.  This stage is absolute heaven!
I got this idea from this pin on Pinterest.  Wanna make sure I give credit where it’s due!