Another day of adventuring.

Yesterday morning Jameser and I joined some lovely ladies and kiddos from our neighborhood for a mountain stroll around the beautiful Silver Lake.  It has a boardwalk and trail all round it and is super kid friendly, so it was perfect for a group play date!  It looked a tad cloudy before we left so I thought I’d have Jameser wear his wellies in case there were puddles.  Little did I know (to my great delight!) that it would full on rain on us!  I wasn’t quite prepared for the weather but luckily James had his trusty cape that he never leaves home without that he could wrap around him if he got cold.  I just felt amazing being outside!  I’m officially megga uncomfy and hot, so walking around in the crisp mountain air with drops of water falling from the sky was just what I needed.  Now for the photogs:
Sweet serenity.
Thirty feet in and I get a “hold you Mom?”  But then a puddle distracted him.
James, do a superhero pose! (?)
We rilly like us.
A little shelter from the storm.
“bird watching”
True wuv.
Wild flowers are among the most charming of flowers me thinks.
Couldn’t have the cape getting muddy, now could we?
James, make a funny face! (or just copy Mom.)
I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and be surrounded by such beautiful women (of whom no photos were taken….I’m lame.).  Not to mention, it’s so fun seeing James being adventurous!  But if you’ve read our blog at all you know that I’m kinda obsessed with the dude so that goes without saying.  And yet I still say it!  It’s because of the obsession.