A weekend bike parade:

This past weekend James was able to participate in a neighborhood patriotic bike parade–his first one!  Gosh, this mom thing is so fun!  All the little things I’ve dreamed of doing with my babies are actually happening and it’s better than I ever could have imagined.
Jameser doesn’t have a bike so we decorated his little matchbox car.  He loved it, it was so cute.  He’s really in to the idea of bikes but we just don’t have the space to get him a little one yet.  He was pretty satisfied being pulled around on his car, though.  He couldn’t quite get the steering thing down, and it was hot has heck, so we ended up riding around the parking lot of the park where the parade started and then drove to the parking lot of the church where the parade ended… He still loved it, though, especially because of the lunch that was provided afterwards!
I love that he just wants to be touching me.
Ate the whole dern thing, with only about half of it dripping down his entire front.  Gotta let them be little!
Loved this fun little experience with my boy.  Summer is in full swing (105 degrees and pregnant, anyone??) and we’ve got some fun things planned in between keeping cool with the A/C inside.  We’re gearing up for a fun 4th of July!  Just gotta go buy a stash of otter pops and we’ll be set!