Utah mountains:

Today Jameser and I went up into the beautiful Utah mountains with his cousin Breezie and Aunt Ellie for a little picnic and nature walk.  We’ve been trying to think of fun activities to do to get out of the house, but have been spending too much money lately.  So I thought a picnic in the mountains would be a great solution! 

I love it when he does his crooked little “happy face!”
The beautiful Aunt Ellie….she makes James smile.
Besties since birth
Turns out, though, that picnics in the mountains are super expensive.  I just might be contacting my congressman about it!  We would have been better off going out to lunch, actually.  Once the ranger came and rained on our picnic parade, we decided that a park at the base of the mountains will do for next time.  The Utah mountains are so grand and beautiful, it is such a shame that it costs so much just to spend some time in them with a little lunch!
Once we realized we’d have to pay before we left, we decided to make the most of our time and went on a nice little nature walk.  The babies loved it!  They kept stuffing leaves and dirt into their little bags.  We made sure to keep them away from dodgy looking plants (my hub was a scout leader, after all) and stayed on the paved path and just took in all the beauty.  I wish I would have taken some shots of the actual mountains!!  I would have liked to have something to remember them by since we probably won’t be heading up there again any time soon.  We’re trying to save money, aren’t we?

Their little chubby baby hands are starting to lean out 🙁
My heart.
Our little family diva–the only girl of all the cousins!  At least for the next few months.
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