Moments captured from a wedding:

My “little” brother Matty (he’s 6′ 7”) got married yesterday!  His love story is years in the making and is pretty perfect, especially in Mormon culture.  Matt and Meredith met at a church youth camp called Especially For Youth (EFY) the summer before their senior year and hit it off immediately (which, if we’re being honest, is the greatest hope for any teenager attending EFY…).  After the week was over, Mer went back to Montana and Matt tried to woo her from Utah.  They dated all year long and into their first year of college.  Mer waited for Matt as he served a two year mission in Europe and they picked right back up where they left off when he got home this past winter.  And now they have sealed the deal!  It was a great weekend of celebrating and I wish I had taken so many more photos than I did, but I think we got a good few.  We’re so excited that Mer is officially a part of our family now and and eager to see what’s in store for this beautifully wonderful couple!  And I’ve learned now that all it takes is for one of my Dad’s kids to get married for him to let his freak flag fly on the dance floor.  Dad, what will you give me to not post that video?
^^ The happy newlyweds // The happy oldlyweds^^
^^I’ll miss that one for the next 18 months! // Hot.^^
^^We’re all gonna miss it when Rob finally gets that tooth fixed. // My dad said, “Make him smile.”^^ 
 ^^ Kelsey Kay and her daddy // He thinks it’s funny to pretend to be grumpy?^^ 
^^Trying to do thumbs up like Dad // Just another of me and my guy ^^ 
^^ James was in a great mood all night, even though he wouldn’t smile for the camera to save his life. // Yay for Italian Sodas!! Not to mention the best reception food I’ve ever had.^^
^^Chased him around a lot // Danced as much as I felt I could (still having to chill)^^
^^ Loves Jack, his grandma // Another failed attempt at getting him to smile for the camera…^^
^^Kissing cousins…. We probably shouldn’t be encouraging that… // Dancing the night away together^^