Busy Bubbers: character lunch sacks

James and I have gotten into the terrible habit of eating out for lunch a lot.  In an attempt to break this habit I have tried to pack lunches every day to take with us when we’re out and about.  I’ve noticed that James eats better when we’re not at home, and I have to get out of the house sometime before nap time every day, so taking sack lunches has been really helpful.  We’ll eat while we’re on the road and head home just in time to nap. 


I’ve tried to make it fun for James by drawing some of his favorite characters on the lunch sacks.  To be honest, it makes it more fun for me, too!  I’m no artist, but I can draw some simple characters that James gets a kick out of.  I usually ask James what he wants me to draw on the sack and he’ll sit and watch me as it comes to life.  I was thinking that if you don’t want to take the time to draw on the sacks you could just print off fun characters from online and glue them onto the sacks.  You could even have the kiddos help you as part of the activity!
He got a little possessive of his “Woody bag.”
Jameser and I decided to take our amped-up sack lunches to a local park for a little picnic the other day.    It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day with the perfect breeze to keep us comfy.  James was in heaven being outside and I was in heaven being with him, watching him taking all the world in.
It’s not a family outing without the action figures tagging along…  James actually saved his lunch sack and carried his toys around in it the rest of the day.
And of course we spent some time exploring the playground after eating:
Even though you can’t see it that great, that little face he is making right there is the exact same expression I spent most of my childhood with.  It’s so fun to see little bits of me come to life in my boy!
Baby lashes are among my favorite of things.
James is seriously a little monkey.  He will conquer anything.  Don’t worry (Mom!), I keep close and make sure he doesn’t break any bones!
James is really into expressing emotion lately.  This face is accompanied by him saying, “That is so, so sad.”  Usually this happens when he has flashbacks of losing a toy.
I’d love to see some of your lunch sack creations!  If you want, post pictures to our facebook wall so we call all get more ideas, or post your photos to instagram, tagged #busybubbers, so we can see them there. Have fun!