couch faces and such.

I feel like a lot of the pictures I post lately are of my perspective from the couch, because I kinda feel like that’s where I am a lot.  Turns out, though, that you can still have a ton of fun with your kiddo without ever having to leave the couch!  Exhibit A:
^ “scared”
^ “surprised”
^ “happy”
^ “sad”
^ “tired”
^ “excited”
^ “angry”
In other news, things are just plugging along around these parts.  I had a dream about Moose last night. It was so special.  James continues to fill my heart.  He’s talking up a storm and is making us crack up about every .04 seconds.  He’s giving me a run for my money in the eating department, though.  Any suggestions on getting toddlers to eat, PLEASE send them my way.  It’s not like I can just feed him a happy meal every meal of the day.  Or can I…..?  He is a stud, though.  Like, I never thought snoring would make me wanna tear up with joy, but when it’s coming from him it sure does.  
In other-other news, I’m getting a new car this weekend and am about to pass out with excitement, which is a far step up from being about to pass out with fear which is what happened the other day while driving my old car… The brakes gave out as I was en route and you can imagine how that made this mama’s head spin.  It was terrifying.  In fact I’m quite certain angels intervened on behalf of our safety.  But new car!  Yay!  It’s just time.  Especially with the Memorial Day sales!
Have a great long weekend, Ya’ll!!