Seven for Sunday: 27th edition

I’m feeling pretty sick this morning (allergies with a tummy ache mixed in) but I wanted to stop in and give a quick update on our little fam.  How about a Seven for Sunday?  Remember those?
Moose is hanging in there!  No more bleeds but I am still supposed to take it easy.  I’ll have an appointment next week and we’ll be able to see if the hemorrhage has absorbed.
I heard on a local lifestyle show the other day that the most valuable picture you will ever take will be of you and your child together.  So I thought I’d start a little project with James of taking one picture of the both of us together each day, no matter how I look.  I think I’ll hashtag it #togethergram (not a major hasthtag gal, but for this I’ll do it.)  Feel free join along on instagram and tag me so I can see you adorable togethergrams with your kiddos!  Oh, and the idea is that if you have more than one child, you get one of just you and one of your children at a time so that each child will have pictures of just them and their mom together.  With how many phone pics we take each day, I think this could be a pretty easy but very meaningful endeavor!
James is getting so sassy, and I fear I’m becoming too impatient with his new little personality.  I think he’s started into the terrible twos a tad prematurely (21 months yesterday!)  He’s just been the easiest, most mellow kid and now he’s giving me a run for my money!  I feel like all I do is put him in time out these days.  I want to allow him to just be a little kid, but at the same time I feel like I need to be teaching him manners and proper social etiquette, too.  So, yes, I put him in time out when he hucks a huge penguin submarine at my head point blank.  I just want him to learn that if he does that to other little kids they might not like him as much.  And friends are fun.  I also think, though, that his behavior might be stemming from having to stay inside so much of the time with me being on bed rest.  A kid’s gotta get out, ya know??
I think I’ve finally perfected my chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles.  I make this for my dad once a month and this last batch was by far the best batch I’ve made.  Here is the recipe for the soup and here is the recipe for the noodles.
James is learning how to count to ten.  Obviously we help him get there, but he’s gotten to the point where I’ll start out with one, the he’ll say two, me three, him four…. and we’ll switch off until we get to ten.  He’s really enjoying learning new types of things like that.  We’re working on the alphabet, too.  And sentences.  Basically I’ll just have him repeat a lot of things I say.  It’s so cute to hear his little voice put to words and phrases that are real!
My mom and sisters and I threw a bridal shower for my brother’s fiance and the menu might have been one of my favorites yet!  We had turkey sliders and three different salads, but the variety was still great and they all leant to beautiful presentation.
For the sliders, we used the pretzel rolls from Costco, their greek yogurt and dill dip, some good quality turkey, with a slice of havarti cheese.  Simple and so fresh and yummy.  Then we had these three salads:
And for dessert we made these adorable and delicious individual pineapple cheesecakes.
James is also really into saying “k.”  As in, whenever I ask him to do something or stop something, he’ll say a quick “k.”  But I don’t think he understands what it means, because it’s not like he really does anything different.  “I do not think it means what a ya think it means….”It is still really adorable, though.