Moose update.

a pic of a pic, but look at that tiny little hand!
Well, we are grateful to say that the week has been extremely uneventful ever since the scare.  We’ve had two appointments since last Wednesday night and Moose is hanging in there!  He/She is doing great!  I cannot describe my relief.  However, my doctor is still wary that it could go either way at this point, so she has advised me to take it majorly easy for the next few weeks.  She made it sound like I could still be out and about, though, and pick up James and everything, so I got excited about that and may have overdone it a tad.  My mom took James this morning and I was trying to make the most of my toddler-free-time and started cleaning our apartment (and may have made muffins, too)….but then I started to feel Braxton Hicks….and that fa-reaked me out.  I don’t remember feeling those this early last time, and what with everything that’s gone on, I decided it would be best to abort my cleaning endeavors and head back to bed (I am living in filth right now, people.).  So that’s where Moose and I are now, just grateful to be together.  
Here are a few links I’ve been loving lately:
Made these for breakfast and they are delicious (baked them at 350 for 12 min, made 24, but I would make 12 next time and just make them bigger and bake them a little longer.  They don’t rise at all, really.)
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!  And if you remember throughout your busy day, maybe you could shoot a prayer up in our behalf:).
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