Family Night at Hollywood Connection:

I have no idea how to get my kid to smile in a picture.  I guess I just take so many of him that he is immediately put off as soon as he sees me aiming some type of device in his direction.  He’s totally on to me, even when I try to be discrete.  He’s like, “Mom. Seriously.”  Tips please?
Anyhoo, the other week we went to a local fun house for family night and, in spite of how it may appear in the emotionless photos above, James was beside himself with delight.  I think we’re going to have a golfer on our hands, people!  At least a mini golfer, which is way more entertaining than a “real” golfer, if you ask me…yawn… (no offense, Dad!!).
In other news, James’ double ear infection is now under control, but he’s had a rough week of bumps and bruises.  Falls, trips, cement, coffee table corners, pinches….All in a day of the life of a boy, I guess.  But it is literally gonna make me stink my heart out, I get so wound up with anxiety.  I feel like I’m failing him or something if he gets hurt too much.  And then I think, “How in the heck is it ok that I’m bringing another human into the world.”  But then I remember, “Because I’m an awesome mom?”  Yikes.