Busy Bubbers: to-do chart


His morning chart
I know James may be a tad young to have chores that really make a huge difference to the up-keeping of our little home, but I am a firm believer that the earlier you start kids thinking about responsibility and accountability, the better.  So I made James a little chore chart to help him visualize his part in contributing to our family management.  I’m definitely not super strict about him checking off everything on his list, but I have found that James absolutely loves it and it really helps him think certain things are fun, even though he has previously hated them (like brushing his teeth).
His afternoon chart (plus dinner)
We don’t do his chart every day, but I do tend to whip it out at some point during the day if he’s having a tough time expressing himself or if he’s having negative responses to my direction–usually at night when he’s tired and hyper all at the same time.  As soon as he sees the picture of the toys in the toy box he gets excited to clean up his toys and relieved that he can focus on something he understands.  I just got these images off the internet, and I’m not sure if any of them are free for reproduction, so please don’t use these if you want to make a chore chart.  Just let them inspire you as you make your own for your own kids.  
His evening chart
I really can’t stress enough how much James has loved this!  I think it could benefit any toddler because it offers structure, teaching and understanding opportunities, and purpose as they go about their fun filled days.
His bed-time chart
I made the charts in Word and printed them off in color on card stock.  Then I used contact paper and covered just the front of each page, to keep them from getting dirty and to allow for easy removal of the check marks.  Then I punched two holes on the top of each page and connected them with ribbon to form a flip chart.  Lastly, I covered both the front and the back side of the check mark page and cut each one out.  We use blue tac on the back of each check box to stick it to the empty box when he as accomplished his responsibilities, but I’m sure tape would work great too.  He LOVES doing this!  Like I said, this chart helps keep him focused on things that need to get done and gives him a great sense of accomplishment and independence.  We have seen so many benefits so far!
the check marks for each task