Busy Bubbers: milk jug maraca

Today I was racking my brain trying to think of something I could do with James without having to jeopardize my bed rest.  I feel some guilt that I can’t play with him the way I usually do, and even though I know bed rest is so important right now, I feel like I’m just a big bump on a log.  So I really wanted to think of an activity to do with him that made me feel like a good mom again.  At least for a few minutes.  And I did!

I finished up a carton of milk on my cereal this morning and thought of this fun little activity that involves virtually zero prep and extra cost.  I was able to be lying down the entire time we did this activity, and it was a major hit with the Dudeski!  Total win win.
“Jameser, show me your ‘surprised’ face!”
What you need:
An empty plastic milk carton, any size
Stickers, preferably any you already have lying around the house
1/4 cup rice or dry beans
Sharpie marker
Make sure your milk carton is cleaned out and dry inside.  With a funnel, pour your rice or beans into the carton and twist on the cap nice and tight.  Then get decorating!  I wrote James’ name on it with a sharpie and then let him decorate it with stickers, as much as he liked.  I let him lead on this.
And then we got dancing!  He absolutely loved it!  And that is literally it.  So easy, so fun, and so satisfying as a mom to feel that you dedicated some designated time just to your kiddo,with no distractions.
It was so rewarding to be able to do something more proactive with my little son today.  I try to do something like this each day but with bed rest it can be a challenge.  This particular activity was perfect for both of our needs and turned out to be so fun and cute.